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About this website website distributes information about matters that fall within the field of activities of the Foreign Service. The website provides information about the tasks and organisation of the Ministry and the diplomatic missions abroad as well as information about the objectives of activities and current affairs.

Front page

The listing in the left-hand column of the front page shows the latest news, press releases, speeches and recordings. Selected main news appear as illustrated features at the top.

The central column contains quick links to the Foreign Ministry’s services in the greatest demand.

The right-hand column highlights the Ministers as well as the Foreign Ministry’s social media channels and blog site. Readers can comment on the content of these.


All current affairs items, travel-related services and country-specific information, the Foreign Ministry’s other services and funding, the Ministry’s activities and objectives, as well as information about the Ministry’s organisation, the diplomatic missions and the economy of the Foreign Service are found through the main menu.

All services-related content is presented in two ways: listed in alphabetical order and broken down by target groups.

The content describing the Ministry’s activities and objectives is also presented in two ways: listed in alphabetical order and broken down by strategic priorities.

The online service is produced in Finnish, Swedish and English. However, not all materials are available in all three languages.

The websites of the diplomatic missions complement the multilingual dissemination of information.

Technical information

The service can be accessed by any standard browser, without plug-ins or other additional software. The service also works when JavaScript is disabled.

Copyright and linking

The Foreign Ministry or some other provider mentioned in connection with the material owns the copyright to the texts, images and recordings published on the website.

The Ministry does not necessarily hold the copyright to images, for example, but has made an agreement concerning their use on the website. Texts can be linked and quoted freely, but the source must be acknowledged.

Use of the material for other purposes must be agreed separately with the Foreign Ministry. Linking to individual images is prohibited.

Handling of personal data

We do not collect personal data that would make it possible to identify individual service users. We only need contact data to be able to respond to feedback.

Legal notice

The website is produced by the Department for Communications of the Foreign Ministry. The editor is responsible for the content and coordinates the production of content for the site.

We strive to keep the website accurate and up to date. The Foreign Ministry is not responsible for any expenses or damage incurred by the user because of possible errors on the site.

Nor is the Ministry responsible for the accuracy of the information maintained by external parties and linked to this website, or for any harm caused by technical errors.


Questions and feedback relating to the online service can be sent to the Unit for Communications on Current Affairs: VIE-10(a), or to the editor, Laura Rantanen: firstname.lastname(a)

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